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New AutoMax Walk Away Shredder Changes Shredding Experience

Fellowes, Inc. Announces Most Significant Innovation in the Shredder Category in the Last 25 Years (via PR Newswire)

The New AutoMax™ Line Offers the First Truly Walk Away Shredding Experience ITASCA, Ill., March 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Fellowes, Inc., the category leader and inventor of the personal shredder, announced today the new AutoMax™ line of hands-free…

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Embarrassment at the workplace

From the inappropriate comment to the awkward situation, we have all faced one time or another an embarrassing moment at work. Here are three ways to get around it and back to a normal work day.


1. Step away from the moment

The problem with embarrassment is that it lasts longer than the moment itself. Walk away from those feelings and let the incident go away.  Pulling your attention to the present can help you realize that the embarrassment happened in the past.

2. Stop apologizing

Over apologizing may seem like a way to overcome bad feelings, but endless apologies only keep you trapped in the moment of embarrassment. Once is enough, then move on.

3. Laugh about it

Don’t get overly defensive, even if that is your normal reaction. Step back from the situation and see the humor.  Laughing about it, especially with others, can help you realize how trite embarrassing situations can be. It’s in our own minds that embarrassing  incident seems to have such great impact. Seeing the absurdity helps you move forward and will better equip you for your next embarrassing situation. Eventually, another one will come around.

Walk Away And Win Sweepstakes

Check out these videos of embarrassing situations at work. Vote for your favorite for a chance to win $500 in the walk away and win sweepstakes. Face it, there will come a time when you just want to walk away.

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The Growth of Co-Worker Work Spaces

Creating a Co-Worker Space

Co-working, the creation of a shared work space, continues to grow and positively influence those who participate. According to annual survey from DeskMag.com, the maximum capacity of most spaces is now 41 people, and the average membership size is 44. Desk utilization is up, from 49% to 55%, meaning spaces are being used by their members more frequently. 62% said they have no plans to leave their locations, while less than 5% will stay just for one month, disproving the idea that co-workers are just mobile workers.

Who is the Typical Co-Worker?

53% are freelancers, with the remainder being a mix of entrepreneurs, and surprisingly, small company employees and big company employees, as companies seek new ways to maintain a workforce without the huge overhead of company-owned office space.

Expansion plans are running high: 29% of spaces plan to add extra desks, 9% want to upgrade to a bigger location, and 36% will open a new second location.

Other than desks, what else is needed for a co-worker work space?

A commercial shredder that has the capacity for heavy usage and the efficiency to manage shredding jobs without a lot of attention required from workers focused on their own projects.

A universally accessible printer/scanner/copier as well as a binding and laminating station allow for comprehensive document production.

Plug and Work workstations may not be decked out with personal photos, but they can include work-ready  laptop and tablet lifts for those on-the-go workers whose job descriptions need a home base for their mobile business.

Heavy, locking file cabinets can be cumbersome. Lightweight, mobile storage boxes with security features allows records  to be stored, rearranged and moved around the work space with ease.


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Workplace Efficiency Technology 2014

Staying on top of the latest technology for the workplace can be overwhelming, but is essential to maintaining overall performance for any office. Compromising on technology to save money  not only causes poor efficiency, but also leads to a general frustration among workers who must sacrifice time in order to work with less than benchmark equipment. 2014 brings in new  technology designed to increase efficiency and make common workplace tasks  less frustrating.


A New Level of Engineering in Auto-Feed Shredders

Though auto-feed shredders were designed to shred independently, not requiring attendance from users, they came with time-consuming prep-work requirements for materials to be shred. Some auto-feed shredders required paper clips to be correctly positioned on documents, restrictions on staples as well as restrictions on the type of paper being shredded including double sided paper, glossy paper, folded paper, and crumpled paper. What was designed to save time ended  up wasting time.

The new Fellowes AutoMax Auto-Feed shredder takes the prep-work out of auto-feed shredding. Engineered with SureFeed Technology, the AutoMax allows users to simply fill the bin, push the button and walk away.

The AutoMax also features the Jam Guard System to prevent shredding interruptions and SmartLock which engages with each shred cycle to protect confidential information.  An additional benefit of the 500c AutoMax model includes 3 Start Delay options for implementing shred jobs even after the work day.


Enhanced Laminating Technology for more Efficient Performance

When laminating becomes an essential task for an office, the issues that commonly arise are reduction in efficiency related to the laminating machine.  One typical scenario is having to readjust the laminator settings to accommodate different pouch thicknesses.  If you’re laminating a lot and trying to laminate as fast as you can, it is very easy to make the mistake of feeding a pouch with a different thickness without stopping to make the necessary adjustment to the machine. The result can lead to jams and wasted time trying to get back into your laminating groove.

The new laminating machines from Fellowes feature AutoSense, which automatically detects pouch thickness and self-adjusts to the optimal laminating setting.  This unique technology eliminates the common mistake of changing the pouch thickness without changing the setting, so you can pay less attention to the laminating machine and more attention to the work at hand.

Another common efficiency issue with lamination is the warm-up. Waiting for your laminator to get hot enough to do the job can mean lost time at the office. New InstaHeat technology warms up the laminator faster , some models warming up in a only a minute–an important feature for getting your laminating job done faster.

In addition to these other time-saving improvements, these new laminating machines also feature an overall faster laminating speed, with some models laminating as fast as 40 inches per minute. With speeds like that, laminating does not have to be a workplace task that takes up all your time.


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Enjoying Clean Air for the Holidays

The holiday season is also cold and flu season. We spend a lot of time entertaining and at holiday parties, which means a lot of opportunities for airborne viruses to spread. According to one report, one person sneezing can infect an entire room with Influenza A. This microbe can survive  for up to 24 hours and spread to holiday guests six feet away—even without a sneeze to send it along.

Here is a holiday to-do list to make sure we don’t give or receive germs for Christmas:

1       Get a flu shot

During this time, flu viruses are circulating in the population. An annual seasonal flu vaccine (either the flu shot or the nasal-spray flu vaccine) is the best way to reduce the chances that you will get seasonal flu and spread it to others. When more people get vaccinated against the flu, less flu can spread through that community. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

2.       Clean hands, clean surfaces

During the holiday rush, we may forget to keep our hands clean even after simple contact such as shaking hands at the office. Use pocket hand sanitizer to make minimizing the spread of germs convenient. The same can be said for surfaces in our home, especially after someone in the house has already been sick. Be sure to disinfect key germ-carrying surfaces such as the TV remote control and the door handles to refrigerators and microwaves.

3.       Purify your indoor air

The impact of an air purifier, even running discreetly in the background of your holiday get-together, can be dramatic. The Fellowes AeraMax captures 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, which can help clean the air of those stubborn viruses, ensuring cleaner and healthier holiday entertaining.



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Making Most of the Small Office

Ideas for Small Office Design

An office limited in space can still be functional  and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some tips for making small office space work great.

Upgrade Your Workstations

Disorganized desktops and workstation clutter contribute to the feeling of office claustrophobia. Keep things tidy and maintain comfortable and contemporary workstations. The appearance of elegant design and organization not only impresses office visitors but boosts morale.










New Look for Records Storage

File cabinets either take up space in the back room or, if there is no back room, fill the front office with their bulky, dull grey and black exteriors. Designer file drawer systems provide a contemporary and colorful addition that provides easy file accessibility and saves space without compromising your front office interior design.












Hot Desk Business Machine Hub

Organizing all your universally used business machines in one location in your office not only saves space but prevents  chaotic office traffic patterns caused by moving from laminating machine to binding machine to copier to shredder throughout the day. Plus, all business machines in one spot can also cultivate a water cooler sociability while getting work done.



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The Anatomy of a Paper Jam

What exactly makes a paper jam happen? When you use your shredder, you may wonder why paper jams suddenly occur when everything appears to be working properly. Paper jams are essentially blockages to the shredder cutters and are not at all random. In fact, you probably sense as you are feeding paper into the shredder when you about to experience a paper jam and just hope that it doesn’t happen. Along with having a shredder with jam prevention technology,  a better understanding of how paper jams occur can also help you avoid them. Paper jams are classified in three ways: mis-feeds, overfeeds and fast feeds.



Inserting paper that is folded, creased or wrinkled can also cause a paper jam. Mis-feeds usually happen when stacks of paper become jostled when shredding and end up being drawn into the shredder at an awkward angle. You may even see a misfeed happening, which by that time is too late. A shredder with the best jam prevention can power through mis-feeds so this mistake doesn’t become a bigger problem.


Too much paper fed into a shredder at one time can cause a paper jam. Knowing how many sheets your machine can handle, or sheet capacity, can help prevent jamming. Also, having a shredder equipped with a jam proof system or with jam blocker can manage an overfeed electronically by sensing  when too much paper has been fed. A jam proof system can then pause the machine and reverse out the feed so the excess paper can be removed.

Fast feeds

Fast feeds are caused when a stack of paper is feed into the  machine before the shredder has finished shredding the previous stack. Shredders that can detect fast feeds can pause the shredder, allowing you to remove the excess paper before your fast feed turns into a paper jam.


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