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What the IT Department Is Adding To Your Office Computer


With the growing use of company laptops, tablets and smartphones in public, many IT departments are implementing low-tech solutions for privacy protection.

Using blackout privacy filters allows computer users to clearly view the contents of their screens without having to worry about shoulder surfing. Any content viewed from any side angle is blacked out while straight-on views are perfectly clear.

Issues with other privacy filters

The lack of popularity in other privacy filters resulted from a product that was so secure that even the computer user had difficulty viewing the screen. New innovations now offer the peace of mind to conduct business in public on computer devices without concern of privacy invasion from passers-by.

Easy application

The simple and easy application of blackout privacy filters allows many IT Departments to affix them with little effort to new laptops, tablets and smartphones issued to new employees. 

Office use of privacy filters

Blackout privacy filters are also available for desktop monitors. This addresses the issue of internal spying within the workplace. Corporates spies have become adept at infiltrating a company as a new employee and using sophisticated shoulder surfing techniques to see and sometimes even record confidential information in research and development departments, who may lower their guard around other workers.

Learn more about black privacy technology

The rise in shoulder surfing as a privacy threat

A recent survey of IT professionals found that 82 percent had little to zero confidence that employees were capable of concealing their device’s screen from peeping eyes; 82 percent believed it was possible that data had already been viewed off of their screens by the wrong eyes; and 85 percent reported being able to view sensitive data on a screen that they were not supposed to be looking at.

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The Hottest Trend in Baby Shower Gifts: Clean Air?


A gift for the baby shower can be phoned in: clothes, toys. etc.  But meaningful, heartfelt gifts can express how much you care and how much thought you put into the purchase.

A Peace of Mind Gift That Keep on Giving

When new moms are decorating the nursery, the last thought is for an air purifier. Here is the perfect gift that no one else will think of and it shows you are thinking ahead to the new baby’s healthy development.

Studies show that of all the organs, the lungs, which are not fully developed at birth, account for the most health problems among infants and young children. While they sleep, babies can be breathing dust, mold spores and dander. A spotless baby’s room does not necessarily mean clean air.

Babies breathe an average of 30-60 times a minute—that’s more than double the amount of an adult. With this greater intake of air during the early post neonatal period, the developing lungs are highly susceptible to environmental pollutants.


Best Air Purifier For A Baby’s Room

Get a Coupon for this gift                                                                    


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Journal of an Identity Thief

Opportunity Strikes Identity theft isn’t always targeted. It often begins when an opportunity presents itself, like finding an unshredded credit card application that must have blown off of a garbage truck. What does it reveal? A name, an address and a proposed line of credit. american-express-bank-credit-card-wrinkled-paper-flip-book-direct-marketing-326823-adeevee

The Stake Out Now that I know the address, I can watch the house and find out what day they put out their garbage. If they didn’t shred this credit app, they probably have thrown away other unshredded documents that might have value. I wait until nightfall and start diving. 100_0836

A Small Prize I find an expired car insurance policy. This indicates that they might have recently switched insurance companies. I will come back over the following weeks to keep digging, but for now I can use this. 93718524

Gone Phishin’ Their phone number is on the policy. I make a call pretending to be the insurance company and thanking them for renewing their policy. The victim insists there must be some mistake, that the policy was cancelled. I apologize. I validate with their information: name, address, makes and models of cars covered. I know their policy number. I now seem completely legit. To confirm their cancellation I need their social security number…. shutterstock_dirty_payphone


By shredding everything, even documents that seem to contain nothing important, you can avoid becoming an entry in an identity thief’s diary.

130C Auto Feed Shredder

130C Auto Feed Shredder

Selecting the right shredder More About Identity Theft  Best Reviewed Shredders

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The Financial Disadvantage to Outsourced Shredding Services

 In-House Shredding Advantage

Now you can shred in-house with the same convenience, but for less! It’s hard to imagine that more convenience, increased efficiency and higher security can actually come at a lower cost. With Fellowes® AutoMax™ shredders, in-house shredding can provide time and money back to your business, boosting productivity. Shredding jobs can now be taken care of faster than having to wait for outsourced services and without the worry of confidential documents getting into the wrong hands.

Three Year Shredding Expenses


Learn more about Auto Feed Shredding

Choose an AutoMax shredder that’s right for you: AutoMax options

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The Hidden Cracks in Workplace Confidential Document Security



You have buttoned down your IT security, so you think you can breathe easy. But hacking is about strategy, not just technology. Paper-based identity theft remains a threat, even to companies with sophisticated digital defenses. While the focus on digital security grows, identity thieves, and even corporate spies, are finding easy access to neglected physical document security.

Off-site services and security breaches

Off-site shredding services are an easy path for identity thieves. Getting into legitimate off-site shredding companies, thieves can show up at your office and wait for you to hand over your confidential documents.

On-site keeps it confidential

By maintaining on-site shredding you can ensure that private information, stays private. If the convenience of off-site services are still a consideration over security, on-site automatic shredders are the perfect choice. They make on-site security management even easier, allowing hands-free, walk-away shredding a convenience, without compromising confidential information.

Corporate spies with low-tech strategies

Corporate spies will find any possible way to get to key classified documents. If they can’t get this info through digital hacking, they can go low-tech just as easily.

Making shredding procedures a part of your office policy.

What spies are looking for, and what you should shred at the office:

Company Phone Books

Can give a hacker names and numbers of people to target and impersonate.

Organizational charts

Contain information about people who are in positions of authority within the organization.


Provide small amounts of useful information for creating authentic looking fake memos.

Policy manuals

Show hackers how secure and insecure a company really is.


Can tell a corporate spy which employees are out of town at a particular time.


 Incidents of off-site shredding security breaches are showing up in the news: Document Shredding Company Employee Eyed in ID Theft Ring…Read More



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Three Essential Small Business Productivity Upgrades for 2015


1. Upgrade your Business Technology

Working with outdated software and using yesterday’s technology may seem like a cost-saving approach, but for any small business, time consumed by underperforming technology is money lost. Stay up to date so that interactions with customers and vendors remains efficient. Automate common tasks like shredding. Using “ walk away” automatic shredders allows you to get back to more essential business obligations while getting necessary shredding tasks performed. See what size automatic shredder you need for your business.


2. Upgrade to Temps and Part-Timers

Small business owners have a tendency to multi-task to save money. This nose-to-the-grindstone approach may seem admirable, but in the end, time and productivity are lost by owners too busy to be running the business. Use temps and part-timers to take over the less important jobs, so you can resume your role as company leader. After all, you are the CEO.

  1. Upgrade to Experts

Many small business owners may try to self-train to perform important duties for their business without the help of others .Unfortunately, trying to wear too many hats eventually reveals your lack of expertise and comes off as a lack of professionalism to customers. Take charge by bringing in the right people-freelancers are great for offering expertise at an affordable rate to help your business grow.

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Reaching Goals in 2015 with Customized Calendars

If you have plans for 2015, goals you want to achieve, then a customized calendar becomes more than just a place to write down  appointments, it becomes an outlook of goals you are striving to reach.

Fitness Calendar

Create a custom fitness calendar to stay on track with exercise regiment. Make weight loss objectives clearly defined—boost that New Year’s Resolution!

New Fitness

Finance Calendar

Getting your finances in order can be a daunting task. By determining your goals for paying down debt and mapping them out in a custom calendar, you create a discipline that helps you achieve financial freedom.


Creating Your Custom Calendar

1. Use a program such as Microsoft Publisher which already had calendar templates in place. You can customize them to fit any of your goals.

2. Bind the calendar. Use either a comb binding or wire binding to create a flexible calendar that can go on your refrigerator ( for fitness) or over your desk ( for finance) .

What Other Custom Calendars Can You Create?

1. A Bucket List Calendar-things you want to achieve in a year, places you want to go. Make them more than just wishes. Put them in writing!

2 Sales Goal Calendar- if you are running a business, giving your sales force obtainable goals with strong incentives can be a daily reminder of what they can achieve. Clarify those sales objectives in a calendar that hangs in their cubicle or on their office wall.

3. A Personal Best Calendar-If you are an athlete than reaching new benchmarks in your performance can be very gratifying. Creating a custom calendar that gives you new personal best goals can help you reach the performance level you need for a marathon!

Need Help Choosing a Binder? Click Here



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