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Auto Feed Shredder Performance Now Available for Small Business

The AutoMax commercial line of shredders has extended to include automatic performance for smaller office needs. The new 130C Auto Feed Shredder includes fast automatic shredding for medium usage and 130 sheet automatic and 8 sheet manual shredding capacity.

Small businesses that handle confidential information such as mortgage brokers, real estate agents and small medical offices may find the time taken shredding documents both tedious and time-consuming.  However, as the auto-feed category focused on large capacity users such as large corporate offices, small businesses continued to rely on traditional shredders to maintain their identity theft prevention.

The new models available to small businesses offers that technology and convenience on a smaller more useful scale for medium usage workplaces.

130C Auto Feed Shredder

130C Auto Feed Shredder










The 200C Auto Feed Shredder offers a 200 sheet automatic and 10 sheet manual shredding capacity for slightly higher sheet capacity needs.

Both of the new automatic small business shredders also include:

  • Auto Reverse stops and reverses paper if a jam occurs
  • SilentShred™ offers ultra-quiet performance for shared workspaces
  • Energy saving Sleep Mode feature shuts down the shredder after 2 minutes of inactivity


For larger offices the AutoMax commercial shredders still provide the large capacity shredding needs in two powerful models: Commercial Auto Feed Shredders.

Still having trouble choosing the right shredder? Use our shredder selector tool: Shredder Selector

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Why Do Teachers Love Laminators?


You may have wondered why so much extraordinary excitement and zeal is expressed by teachers over something as mundane as laminating. There must be a bevy of office supplies that would conjure more interest and joy, you would think. But the relationship between teachers and laminators is one based on practical need and the inevitable reality of teachers working beyond expectations to help offer students the best educational tools.


With the high cost of teaching supplies, many teachers are forced to find creative ways to offer learning tools more cost-effectively to their students. Many dig into their own pockets to pay for additional materials that are not covered by school budgets. Beyond that, learning materials that are acquired eventually wear out and new ones are needed. This is where laminators come in.


With the right laminator a teacher can produce learning materials that are durable and custom made to fit a class. Flashcards can be made on any subject and once laminated can prevent tears and spills that would destroy paper or cardstock flashcards. In the hands of children, laminated flashcards can be reused year after year, saving teachers and school districts on supplies. Creative teachers can also customize, making specific flashcard decks for special education students, or students learning English as a second language. But laminators can go beyond flashcards.


Teachers can create dry erase worksheets that can be drawn on, scribbled on or even spilled on again and again and then reused the next day!

Teachers can also create:

  • Learning board games
  • Take home craft projects that will not fall apart
  • Lesson plans
  • Name plates for student desks

The Best Laminators

New laminators currently available from Fellowes feature InstaHeat Technology, allowing the machines to warm up in 30-60 seconds, eliminating the typically long wait for laminators to be ready. In addition, the new laminators feature AutoSense, which automatically adjusts to changing pouch sizes so no manual adjustments are required. This feature is perfect for teachers who alter between card sized and letter sized lamination.

See the laminators that are available: New Laminators

Find Free Laminating Templates for Education: Download templates

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Auto Feed vs. Traditional Shredders: What Do You Need?

With the changing shredder industry the question of what type of shredder you need can be defined by two categories: the auto feed and the traditional shredder. Certainly automatic shredding sounds like the clear winner, but traditional shredders for some circumstances might be just as practical without the additional cost.







How Much Do You Shred?

If your shredding needs are limited to less than occasional, a traditional cross-cut shredder would suffice. Make sure it has all the features you want: jam proof performance, quiet performance or safety features. If you are shredding frequently and in large quantities, than auto feed shredders are the perfect choice. Traditional shredders require you to stand by and feed paper or other materials into them, but if shredding needs are infrequent, then this slight inconvenience may save you money. However, if shredding is a crucial and constant part of your business, then auto feed shredders can be extremely helpful by increasing office productivity or saving time in a home office environment where constant shredding is the norm.


I Only Have a Home Office-Aren’t Auto Feed Shredders for Big Business?

Not necessarily. If your home office is very busy and shredding is an essential part of your everyday office activities, then a small home office auto feed would be useful. New small business shredders are soon to be available at Fellowes, giving small companies and home-based companies who do a lot of shredding the same convenience and productivity of large corporate auto feed shredders.


Would a Large Company Ever Need Small Shredders?

Sometimes. If individual office workers are conducting a lot of shredding at their workstations, then having them make a trip to the commercial auto feed would be less productive. However, if those workstations were equipped with small business auto feed shredders, that productivity might actually increase.

Use this helpful shredder selector tool to make the best choice for your shredding needs: Shredder Tool.

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Tis the Season for Practicality: Five Unique Gifts That Stay Useful All Year Long.

For Those Who Love to Laminate

L80-95 57110 Life 2

It may seem odd, but laminating can be an obsession. Just talk to any teacher or crafter. The new laminators from Fellowes feature two unique features. InstaHeat warms up the laminator in a minute or less—a very important feature for those who can’t wait two minutes to get started laminating.  The second feature is AutoSense, which automatically adjusts to pouch thickness. This feature is important if you are changing pouches and forget to readjust your machine. If you know someone who loves laminating, check out these options: Laminator Gifts.




For Tablet Users


This essential gift for tablet fans uses suction to create a strong hands-free stand for a tablet. Tablets can be used in landscape or portrait viewing and the special design of the SuctionStand enhances the audio of the tablet.




Lounging with Your Laptop


An inexpensive and useful gift is the Laptop LapDesk. Laptops are convenient, but using them on the couch or with your feet propped up on a desk can get uncomfortable. The Laptop LapDesk gives you a comfortable way to use your laptop without cramping your style.




No More Cold Feet


We know foot rests are helpful, but wouldn’t it be great if they could also keep your toes toasty? This climate control footrest can provide soothing warmth on cold days, especially after you just tramped through a snowy parking lot. This handy device can also cool your feet on hot days. Either way, your gift recipient will thank you all season long!




The Heavy Handed Mouser


Need an office stocking stuffer? The Plush Touch Wrist Support gives comforting pillow-like support to anyone who has to use a mouse all day. Compared to simple mouse pads, you will feel the difference in the superior softness of the FoamFusion Technology. Upgrade an associate with the gift of mousing comfort.

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If I had fifteen minutes I would…how to enhance productivity with a new way to think about time.

The average 24 hour cycle consists of 96 15 minute blocks. Envisioning your time in this segmented form lets you take each 15 minute block and make a concentrated to do list. You will be surprised at how much you can get done.


 Manage your Emails. Delete, respond, clear the in-box. As part of one 15 minute block, you can delete unwanted mail and mark important emails as unread so they do not slip off the radar. This lets you quickly organize what needs to be tended from what is just clutter.

Manage your Voice Mail. Delete, respond, get rid of the red light. Too easily, important calls and unimportant calls get lost in the voice mail archive. Don’t get labeled as the one who never picks up. Respond to important calls and delete the unimportant ones so you do not experience message overload.

Organize Your Desktop. Purge the unnecessary and put away the important. Files decorating your laptop screen can lead to lost time searching for the right ones that you need now.

The 15 Minute Brainstorm. Brainstorming sessions do not need to be elaborate conference room events with lots of participants. Get on the phone or call a colleague into your office and work out a problem together. You may even solve it in 15 minutes.

Proof a Presentation. Hours spent writing that awesome presentation can  be undone by one  embarrassing typo!  Take 15 minutes to proof for perfection.

Add 15 Minutes to Your Day

The US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average small office spends 15 minutes of personnel time shredding per day.

The Fellowes AutoMax 150C and 200C bring you hands-free walk away  automatic shredding so you don’t waste that time shredding. Just think of one of your 15 minute blocks as free.

Explore these and other time-saving options:  Save 15 minutes here.


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Office Upgrades for 2015

With the new year comes the need for new gear.  Office upgrades usually include  new software and hardware, but can also mean rising up to the latest and greatest in business machines and office products.


A Resolution for Greater Productivity

The new AutoMax auto feed shredder brings the gift of free time for the new year. The SureFeed Technology allows anyone in the office to shred without attendance, automatically. Just load the drawer, push the button and walk away (hopefully back to the Christmas party).


Explore AutoMax Shredders












Perfect Lamination Without the Wait

If laminating is an essential part of your business, then the new laminators from Fellowes are the essential upgrade. Faster warm up technology (InstaHeat) and automatic pouch adjustment (AutoSense) have been combined into one machine for optimal laminating performance.


See the new laminators.








The Workstation Makeover

Drab workstations can lead to drab performance. Bring the desk back to life with a little style from I-Spire. These functional, elegant and effective office accessories can spruce up the desktop, and your associates.


See the full I-Spire Series


Consider these other great office upgrades:

Bringing Ergonomics to the Workplace

Upgrading to a Better Binding System

Introducing Cleaner Air to the Office

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Corporate spies and dumpster diving


Why do corporate spies still dumpster dive? Here’s a list of what they are looking for and why:

Company Phone books

Can give a hacker names and numbers of people to target and impersonate.

Organizational charts

Contain information about people who are in positions of authority within the organization.


Provide small amounts of useful information for creating authentic looking fake memos.

Policy manuals

Show hackers how secure and insecure a company really is.


Can tell a corporate spy which employees are out of town at a particular time.

System manuals

Sensitive data and other sources of technical information may give a hacker the exact information he needs  to access the network.

If you are not sure whether or not it should be shred–shred it.

Need to select a commercial shredder? Chose here: Shredders for Business

Find more information on document based  identity theft protection.

Learn more about auto feed shredders for business.


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