The Best Laminator for Printables

personal laminator

There is literally a free printable for everything.  Make organizing your life and home easier by using free templates and a personal laminator.


Get this personal laminator for printables. Then make these great printable projects!

Manage Meal Planning

free printable menu planner

Meal planning can keep dinner nutritious by ensuring you have all the food groups lined up for supper. It also ends the frustration of last-minute meal planning, which can usually lead to less healthy options. Just print and laminate this meal planner and dry erase for weekly dinner plans.

Keep Favorite Recipes Safe

free printable recipe card

Yes, the world has gone digital, so what happens to grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipe? Some things need to stay on paper, so why not cherish your favorite recipes with laminated recipe cards. Pass them down to the next generation. A laminated card may be a novelty over a iPhone screen.

Organize Around the House

organizing tags

Adhesive tags tend to peel over time. But with laminated tags your info stays put so you can organize the basement or attic for fall or even the jars in your pantry.

Keep The Babysitter in the Loop

free printable info sheet

Sometimes, your cell phone number may not be enough when leaving the babysitter in charge. Provide a babysitter info sheet, so emergency numbers and your current location are always easily accessible. Just laminate so you can easily dry erase for the next night out.


Make Sure Everyone Shares in the Housework

printable chore chart

Teaching kids responsibility is much easier when you set a schedule and keep it.  A weekly chore chart lets everyone at home know what they need to do, no questions, no excuses. Duties can change easily, of course. Just dry erase and write in new chores and keep everyone up to date on their tasks.

Door Hangers Respect Privacy

free door hanger template

With preteens and teens, privacy becomes a priority. These fun door hangers give kids the option to let you know when they are busy with homework, just don’t feel like talking, or when they are ready to chat. Offer them door hangers to fit their mood (which changes quickly) so they know you know their privacy is important.

Indoor Mold and Asthma Risk for Babies

air purifier for babies


In a study by the Annals of Allergy & Immunology, infants exposed to mold were more likely to develop respiratory conditions such as chronic inflammation of the lung airways with symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing. For children under the age of one, mold exposure also increased the risk of asthma.  The study authors found that if children were exposed to mold as infants, they were at a significantly increased  risk for asthma at 7 years of age.

Preventing Mold in the Home

  1. Use air purifiers to cleanse the air, especially in nurseries where children sleep or playrooms where babies may spend most of their time. Only use an air purifier with a HEPA air purifier to remove mold spores from the air. Mold spores are destroyed by a HEPA filter because it is a dry, sterile environment. Also a HEPA filter with AeraSafe antimicrobial treatment provides added protection against airborne mold.
  2. Manage humidity in the home with air conditioning. Homes without AC were more likely to contain high humidity levels which fostered the growth of mold.
  3. Look for problem signs of mold throughout the house, such as leaky windows that allow condensation to collect around the frame, which can promote mold growth. An overflowing gutter causes mold to grow on the exterior of the house at first, but eventually enters the home through gaps in soffit and fascia if left untreated.
  4. Conduct a thorough cleanup after any significant water damage including flooded basements or broken pipes. Initial cleanups to remove water may seem adequate, but mold quickly grows without proper sanitation. Hire an expert to test for mold in the home after water damage. No visible signs doesn’t not necessarily mean that mold isn’t present.

Important Air Purifier Certifications

certified air purifier

When selecting an air purifier for your home, make sure they have the certifications for protecting indoor air quality.

When A Laptop is Too Hot To Handle

hot laptops

All laptops get hot while you are working on them. But when is your laptop too hot? Have you been noticing unexpected self shutdowns? This may indicate a bigger problem. Laptops are designed with preventive sensors to stop overheating from causing damage. Frequent shutdowns may indicate technical problems.

Check Your Laptop Fan.

All laptops have a ventilating fan to release the excess heat they produce. Find the fan and place your hand near it. You should feel warm hot coming out. This means your heat management system is working properly. If the air coming out doesn’t seem that warm, this may mean a buildup of dust is limiting the fan’s capacity. If you are okay with opening up your laptop, you can find the fan inside. Blow on it  or use compressed air to get it clean. If you are not comfortable with this maintanence, find a reputable computer repair service to take care of the problem. (Make sure you let them know you think it just needs a thorough cleaning).

A LapDesk Can Help Your Lap Stay Cool & Comfortable.

Because working laptops can still be uncomfortably hot, use lap desks to help manage the heat and keep you comfortable. Portable laptop desks are good for business travelers as they make working in airports and in hotels easier. The GoRiser also has cooling vents to help ventilate the laptop, as well as SoftShock technology which provides a softer cushion for your lap.

Laptop Lap Desk

GoRiser Laptop Lap Desk


Other designs like I Spire Series Laptop Desk are ideal for home users with features like bumpers to keep the laptop securely in place making them more comfortable for those who use laptops while on the couch or in reclining positions.

Comfortable Laptop Lap Desk

I-Spire Laptop Lap Desk

Micro Cut Shredder Recommended by Former Con Man


99ms-microcutshredderFamed former con man Frank Abagnale, as depicted by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film Catch Me If You Can now offers his talents for good, helping others avoid becoming victims of identity theft. Abagnale states that he shreds everything with a micro-cut shredder, “even if it’s worthless.”

Why Micro-Cut Shredders Are Important

  • Micro Cut Shredders take shredding to the next level, basically turning documents to dust with 10x smaller shreds.
  • Smaller shreds also means less frequent emptying of the waste bin. A micro cut shredder bin holds 80% more Micro-Cut particles per gallon than standard Cross-Cut.

Selecting A Micro-Cut Shredder for the Office

The best micro-cut shredder for a small office or home office can shred 14 sheets per pass into 5/64”x 9/16” micro-cut particles (Security Level P-5)

The best micro-cut shredder for larger offices shreds 14 sheets per pass into 5/64” x 15/32” Micro-Cut particles (Security Level P-5) and features continuous duty motor offers non-stop shredding.

Learn more about what Abagnale says about shredders: paper shredding advice from Abagnale

“Every FBI office in the US uses a micro-cut shredder.”


The iPhone® 7 Case from BodyGlove Coming Soon!

iphone7 cases


Apple® just announced the highly anticipated arrival of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. These new state-of-the-art phones offer consumers the best yet in iPhone engineering and technology. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus feature new cameras with optical stabilization, a static, taptic home button and water resistance. Protecting your mobile investment has never been more important and Body Glove’s new designs with enhanced impact technology are up to the task!

Body Glove’s new lineup of stylish iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases prove form and function can combine to deliver a highly protective case that shields your smartphone from the obstacles of daily life. The newly designed ToughSuit case is military drop test approved and can handle drops up 6 feet. And, our #1 selling ShockSuit cases, which are also military drop test approved, will continue to be available for the iPhone 7 to offer full 360 degree device coverage in a variety of colors.

 More iPhone 7 Case Styles

Our lineup for iPhone 7 expands to include Carbon HD, Lustre, Prizm Pure, Satin Wallet and Satin Kickstand.  These phone cases offer innovative features including scratch & impact resistance, UV yellowing protection, credit card storage, covered buttons and ports, & antimicrobial protection. Constructed of cutting-edge, durable materials, these are cases are built to hold up to any active lifestyle. Our new cases are also a perfect fit for the iPhone 6/6s. Body Glove iPhone 7 Plus cases will also include Lustre, Satin Wallet, Satin, Satin Kickstand.

For more updates on Body Glove’s iPhone 7 case lineup, sign up now: Sign up.


Create an Emergency Evacuation Map for Your Business

In the event of an emergency, a map to lead employees to safety is critical. It may be the most unnoticed sign in your office building on a day-to-day basis, but when catastrophe strikes it will become the most important. Here are some tips for creating an effective laminated map. Use general office laminators for creating evacuation maps and diagrams.

laminated evacuation map

  1. Sketch a basic layout of the office including walls and doors. You can use the drawing features on your Microsoft Office program to create a clear, illustrated document
  2. Identify a starting point. This is the “You Are Here” mark that helps the person reading the map know their bearings. The starting point is the one detail that will change, depending on how many maps you will need to post throughout the building. Every map should indicate the exact location where the person reading the map is standing.
  3. Add a compass. Show somewhere in the corner of the diagram a clearly marked four-point compass with North, South, West and East defined by bold initials.
  4. Define exit points. Emphasize the primary exits of the building in bold letters on the layout. When a person is unfamiliar with the building layout or is simply panicking in a crisis, confirming exit locations helps determine their next move.
  5. Defining a marshal area. A marshal area is a designated location well away from the building where all occupants can gather safely. This allows a head count to ensure everyone is out of the building. As not everyone will be familiar with the term “marshal area” you can simply draw a circle a distance from the diagram with the caption “safe area, go here when exiting.”
  6. Other designations. Also on your map, indicate the location of fire extinguishers using a fire extinguisher icon and first aid stations using a blue cross icon.

Laminate your map with quality laminating pouches for durability and display in heavily trafficked areas throughout the building.

How Commercial Air Purifiers Help Facility Managers Prepare for Flu Season

commerical air purifiers

Managing the flu season in commercial buildings requires a combination of technology like commercial grade air purifiers, proper communication to occupants of the facility and increased sanitation efforts. Cases of the flu peak between December and February, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC estimates that between 5 percent and 20 percent of Americans catch the flu each year, with more than 200,000 people on average ending up hospitalized for flu-related conditions.

The workplace can be a breeding ground for germs as sick workers show up at the office, touch surfaces, sneeze in elevators and inevitably shake hands with others. Here are a few tips facility managers can use for minimize flu season impact.

Install commercial air purifier technology to reduce airborne germs
Installing commercial HEPA air purifiers in high traffic areas or closed spaces where meetings are held and where workers congregate can help reduce the spread of airborne flu germs. The Center for Disease Control indicates that bacteria and viruses can travel through the air. Most experts think that flu viruses are spread mainly by droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk. And as sneezing and coughing occur in the peak flu season, droplet nuclei (small infectious droplets produced when sneeze or cough) may remain suspended in the air for long periods of time and may be blown over great distances.

Also schedule ventilation system checks before flu season is in full swing. Check HVAC systems and bathroom ventilation systems as well to ensure they are free of debris and properly cleaned.

Communicate flu season basics to building occupants
A workplace PR campaign reminds occupants about the spread of flu germs and how to prevent them with simple measures. Post signs in restrooms and breakrooms outlining the CDC-recommended hand-washing procedure. Supplement high traffic entrances with antibacterial dispensers and post signage encouraging their use during flu season. Also, distribute facility-wide emails reminding workers to wipe down their phones and desks and other personal items to prevent the spread of germs.

Enhanced Sanitation
The CDC reminds building managers and staff that all cleaners are not the same. Some products remove germs but don’t necessarily kill germs. Also some disinfectants kill top-layer germs, but don’t necessarily clean the area. A combination of both – clean first then disinfect – is the best method for reducing the risk of the infection spreading. The CDC recommends chlorine bleach, quaternary ammonium-based cleaners and hydrogen peroxide as flu deterrents. After all, the flu virus can live and remain infectious on surfaces for 2 to 8 hours.

How Teachers Can Deduct Classroom Supplies

How Teachers Can Deduct Classroom Supplies

Classroom organization deductions are important when teachers pay for supplies out of their own pocket. Here is a solution. Continue reading

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Organizing Classroom Bulletin Boards for the School Year

Teacher in classroom

As a teacher, you probably have awesome bulletin board ideas for your classroom already planned. But the prep work involved can be time-consuming. So it’s important to get started early (preferably before school starts) by preparing bulletin board backdrops ahead of time, you can make the final creative decorating less stressful. Also get a bulletin board storage box to keep all of your bulletin boards clean and protected throughout the year. Storage box folders keep each bulletin board theme separated, along with add-on bulletin board supplies (photos, cut-out letters, etc.) that you will need for final decorating.

Organizing Your Bulletin Board Ideas

Make a list of your bulletin board themes. Of course your list is huge, but narrowing your themes down to boards that will be most helpful and useful to your students can make your boards a big hit. Date each selected theme so you know when it will makes its appearance during the school year. Perhaps start with a welcome back to school board on the first day of class, shift to a holiday board around Halloween or Thanksgiving, etc. The dates will ensure you stay on track when it’s time to swap out themes.

Preparing Your Board Backdrops

Whatever type of bulletin board you use, a backdrop theme color is essential for organizing  your idea by color or material. The backdrops also keep you focused on each theme.

Here are some cool backdrop materials to considers:

Plastic Tablecloths left over from summer picnics make great board  covers. Also the plastic is durable and acts as a clean background for colorful pinups.

Eye-Catching Aluminum Foil– Very cool backdrop for science project boards or Christmas boards.

Versatile Cotton Fabric. A trip to the fabric store before school starts gets the creative juices flowing with colorful options and even patterns that will make a fun and engaging board that is easily covered with staples or glue.

Create a Add-Ons List

Now that you have the board backdrops ready, make the list of add-ons you will hang from each board. If you are not quite sure what add-ons to use, include the essential materials to make the add-ons into the bulletin board storage folder so you will have them when the time comes.


Bulletin Board Storage Box Folders have handy list areas where you can write your add-ons that will go on each bulletin board.

 Show Time!

The day before each board gets seen by the class, simply hang your prepped board, pin up or staple up the add-ons and you are ready in no time.

Check out more bulletin board backdrop ideas at Organized Classroom.

Why Businesses Are Upgrading to Automatic Shredders

With government regulations demanding compliance with identity protection guidelines and an increase in high volume shredding, companies are seeking new ways to improve productivity of the shredding process with automatic paper shredders.


Many businesses choose off-site shredding companies as a convenient solution. However with this hands-off service, comes a few drawbacks including high prices and a risk of exposing confidential information to an external vendor.

Many businesses instead are using automatic on-site shredding. The single cost purchase of an automatic high volume shredder provides long-term shredding without the hefty service fees of shredding services. And an on-site commercial shredder keeps all confidential information in the office.


Most importantly, auto feed paper shredders also provide a hands-free experience. Users simply load the bin, push the button and walk away. From a productivity standpoint, this means employees spend less time shredding and more time on other more important tasks. Another important feature are safety locks, which prevents the shredder from being opened after it begins the shredding process, so confidential documents remain safe until completely destroyed.

Automatic shredding also allows the shredding process to occur in a timely manner, eliminating the risky build-up of confidential documents waiting to be destroyed, making confidential shredding an important perk of automatic machines.

The value of automatic shredding spans across many industries that handle sensitive materials.


Medical clinics and hospitals can quickly destroy reams of sensitive patient information as medical records clerks purge old files in less time.


Law clerks find automatic shredding useful for past client records or destroying the duplicate paperwork of a long case.


Accountants use automatic shredding to maintain a consistent storage and destruction cycle for business records. Large quantities of sensitive documents  are usually in immediate need of shredding, and the process can take accounting clerks weeks to properly dispatch such paperwork.

Real Estate and Mortgage

Credit apps from home buyers quickly pile up on a realtor’s desk, unfortunately a desk often left unattended while showing homes. Automatic shredding saves real estate companies time by allowing these documents, which often contain social security numbers, bank account numbers and driver’s license information, to be quickly shredded without delay.