How to Choose the Best Surge Protector for Your Computer

surge protection

Protecting expensive computer equipment from electrical surges is often an afterthought. Not until an electrical storm or a surge caused by the cycling of your air conditioner during a hot summer blows out your PC, do you realize the need for protection.

Know the Difference Between Surge Protectors and Power Strips

It is common to assume these two devices are identical, but they are not. Power strips expand the capacity of wall outlets for additional equipment-and that’s it. Power strips are fine for less valuable electrical equipment when you need additional outlets. However, they do not protect that equipment from surges. If you need both surge protection and outlet expansion, look for a device that combines both features.

Know Your Joules

When it comes to serious surge protection, however it is important to understand the concept of joules. The amount of damaging energy that can surge through your household electrical system is measured in joules. When selecting a surge protector, choose one with the highest joule capacity. The greater capacity,however, will also raise the price of your protection. If you are willing to minimize joule capacity for a home computer, do not go below 1000 joules of power surge protection.

LED light power indicator

A surge protector with a power indicator light may seem incidental, however surge protectors may fail over time and as they sit under desks for months and years they get forgotten. You may never realize that even though you are plugged into a surge protector, you have no protection at all. The LED lets you see in a quick glance that you are still receiving power protection.

surge protector with power light

Select a Surge Protector for Computers and More

If your surge protector is used for a home computer in addition to other electronics such as TVs, computer games or home sound systems, you may want to look for a surge protector with EMI/RFI filtering. This added feature eliminates disruptions generated by printers or other peripherals connected to the same surge protector as the audio/video equipment.

The Fellowes Human Resources Department Teams Up For Feed My Starving Children Charity

The Human Resources Department at Fellowes used their annual team outing as an opportunity for giving. Supporting Feed My Starving Children, the HR team got together to help pack 27,000 meals for children in Jamaica valued at approximately $6,000. In addition, a check for $500 was presented to FMSC on behalf of Fellowes GIVE and the HR team.

Feed My Starving Children offers volunteers a one-of-a-kind experience. They hand-pack rice, soy, dried vegetables and a nutritionally complete blend of vitamins and minerals into bags which are then sealed, boxed, placed on pallets and shipped to our incredible partners working hard to reach the neediest children around the world.

Through volunteering at FMSC, participants get the chance to impact hundreds of kids in just two hours per packing shift.

Feed My Starving Children meals are produced by volunteers in Minnesota, Illinois, Arizona and all over the United States.




How to Use Your Tablet for Business

With the growing trend of remote work and work from home start-ups, small business owners are turning away from the conventional desktop computer to mobile options in the digital world. A combination of laptop, smartphone and tablet defines the gear of the modern mobile entrepreneur.

The tablet especially has rose to become an essential work tool. A recent article in BaseLine magazine reports 81% of respondents said tablets increased their productivity, and cited an increase in productivity of 20% or more. Here are some ways to integrate tablets into your business.


Tablets are more flexible than laptops for presentations and help maintain client engagement using touchscreen options.  Using a tablet case with versatile display capabilities, such as vertical or horizontal positions without having to remove the tablet from the case, allows for immediate and effective presentations.

tablet case with versatile display


Meeting with a client for the first time may require copious notes to learn more about their business needs. Lots of non-tech features may be essential when first engaging with a new client. Since typing away while they talk may be distracting, consider using a tablet case with notepad at the ready. This feature lets you capture key information with good old-fashioned pen and paper while still being personally engaged with your prospect. A file folder built into the case also makes it easy to refer to key documents relevant to your client without having to search on your tablet. And a case with easily accessible business cards helps when ending the meeting.

tablet case for meetings

Creating Critical Reports During Business Travel

The smaller size of tablets allows important documents to be created quickly and easily while in transit. Many business travelers select tablets over laptops for their compactness and lightweight portability. A case with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard makes typing convenient and fast in coffee shops and airports without plugging in. A protective case is also essential as a tablet can take a lot of dings on the road.

tablet case for business


Anatomy of the Ideal Business Tablet Case


Fellowes Golf Outings Raise Money for City of Hope

Fellowes sponsored both an employee and a vendor golf outing to raise funds for City of Hope. As a world leader in the research and treatment of cancer, diabetes, and other serious diseases, City of Hope  is one of only 47 comprehensive cancer centers in the nation, as designated by the National Cancer Institute.

GIVE Employee Golf Outing

This year’s GIVE Employee Golf Outing benefiting City of Hope was held at Maple Meadows Golf Course in Wood Dale, IL. Despite the threat of rain, 56 golfers started out braving the elements. After nine holes, Mother Nature won. In the end, after much laughter, cheering, and golf winners, $1500 was raised for cancer research.

charity-golf-outing-1 charity-golf-outing-3

GIVE Vendor Golf Outing 

For the second year in a row, The Grove Country Club in Long Grove, IL was the site of the GIVE Vendor Golf Outing benefiting City of Hope. Sponsors, ninety-six golfers, and 30 plus guests joined to raise over $100,000 for City of Hope.

.vendor-golfi-outing-3  vendor-golfing-out-2


Creating Lasting Thanksgiving Traditions with a Home Laminator

Though it certainly doesn’t belong in the kitchen, your laminator can still help you prepare for Thanksgiving Day with easy, homemade  laminated projects. Rather than creating new disposable projects each year, laminated crafts can be cleaned up and reused year after year. A perfect way to create holiday traditions! Get the best home laminator for holiday planning. Also, stock up on laminating pouches.

Curate Family Recipes with Laminated Recipe Cards

Favorite Thanksgiving recipes can last through generations with proper care. Laminate your family recipes on these template recipe cards. Laminated, they can last through many a messy Thanksgiving kitchen prep. Keep them organized in a binder to pass on to the kids. Bring them out every year to share past holiday memories.

Thanksgiving Recipe Card

Download the Free Thanksgiving Recipe Printable

Decorate the Kid’s Table with Festive Placemats


Until that day when one of the kids gets to sit at the adult’s table, they will have fond memories of the kid’s table decorations and activities. Laminating place mats keeps them reusable year after year and easy to clean. Also have a coloring template handy to keep the little kids occupied.  Kids can draw, erase and draw again with the dry erase laminated coloring page.

Thanksgiving placemat   Thanksgiving Coloring Page.png

Download the Free Thanksgiving Placemats Printable

Download the Free Turkey Coloring Page Printable

Make Giving Thanks a Holiday Tradition

Set these decorative cards next to every place setting before dinner is served so each guest can reflect on why they are giving thanks this holiday. Family and friends will look forward to seeing the cards at the dinner table with each Thanksgiving. By laminating these cards, you can make them last for generations to come.

Why our you Thankful at Thanksgiving

Download the Free Giving Thanks Card Printable

In this digital age, when things come and go so quickly, it is even more important to maintain traditions that hold family together.


Top 5 Halloween Party Printables You Can Make with a Laminator

Make your Halloween party fun and creative for the kids. Print these free templates and laminate to decorate your Halloween party room and have exciting Halloween-themed games ready to play. When selecting a crafting laminator, choose one with easy to use features and heat protection to keep laminating safe for the kids. Also, make sure you have enough laminating pouches for your Halloween party.

Decorate with Halloween Placemats

Set up the party room table with these spooky placemats. The perfect way to keep messes under control while keeping a seasonal Halloween flavor to your décor.

Halloween Placemats

Print and laminate the Placemat Template

Keep the Fun Going with Halloween Games

Use Halloween bingo to ramp up the fun. Hand out prizes and keep the kids engaged with this easy to make party game. For younger kids, use Halloween tic tac toe so there is fun activities for every age.

Halloween Bingo.png    Halloween Tic Tac Toe

Print and laminate the Bingo Game Template

Print and laminate the Tic Tac Toe Template

Plan a Party Craft Project

After bingo, get the kids involved in a fun take home craft project. Use the Dry Erase Pumpkin Craft to let kids express their creativity with different jack o lantern designs that they can easily erase, then try a completely new drawing! Also consider a drawing contest for best jack o lantern design and give out a fun Halloween prize.

Dry Erase Pumpkin Craft

Print and laminate the Dry Erase Pumpkin Craft Project

Make Treat Bags for Your Guests

End the party  by handing out fun homemade  treat bags full of Halloween candy and party favors. Also consider gift bags for the parents. Toss in some gourmet cheese, crackers and other favorites that moms and dads will love.

Halloween treat vbag

Print and laminate the Halloween Treat Bag Template

For more Halloween laminating projects, visit the Fellowes Idea Center for lots more free printable templates that make Halloween fun.

The Best Laminator for Printables

personal laminator

There is literally a free printable for everything.  Make organizing your life and home easier by using free templates and a personal laminator.


Get this personal laminator for printables. Then make these great printable projects!

Manage Meal Planning

free printable menu planner

Meal planning can keep dinner nutritious by ensuring you have all the food groups lined up for supper. It also ends the frustration of last-minute meal planning, which can usually lead to less healthy options. Just print and laminate this meal planner and dry erase for weekly dinner plans.

Keep Favorite Recipes Safe

free printable recipe card

Yes, the world has gone digital, so what happens to grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipe? Some things need to stay on paper, so why not cherish your favorite recipes with laminated recipe cards. Pass them down to the next generation. A laminated card may be a novelty over a iPhone screen.

Organize Around the House

organizing tags

Adhesive tags tend to peel over time. But with laminated tags your info stays put so you can organize the basement or attic for fall or even the jars in your pantry.

Keep The Babysitter in the Loop

free printable info sheet

Sometimes, your cell phone number may not be enough when leaving the babysitter in charge. Provide a babysitter info sheet, so emergency numbers and your current location are always easily accessible. Just laminate so you can easily dry erase for the next night out.


Make Sure Everyone Shares in the Housework

printable chore chart

Teaching kids responsibility is much easier when you set a schedule and keep it.  A weekly chore chart lets everyone at home know what they need to do, no questions, no excuses. Duties can change easily, of course. Just dry erase and write in new chores and keep everyone up to date on their tasks.

Door Hangers Respect Privacy

free door hanger template

With preteens and teens, privacy becomes a priority. These fun door hangers give kids the option to let you know when they are busy with homework, just don’t feel like talking, or when they are ready to chat. Offer them door hangers to fit their mood (which changes quickly) so they know you know their privacy is important.

Indoor Mold and Asthma Risk for Babies

air purifier for babies


In a study by the Annals of Allergy & Immunology, infants exposed to mold were more likely to develop respiratory conditions such as chronic inflammation of the lung airways with symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing. For children under the age of one, mold exposure also increased the risk of asthma.  The study authors found that if children were exposed to mold as infants, they were at a significantly increased  risk for asthma at 7 years of age.

Preventing Mold in the Home

  1. Use air purifiers to cleanse the air, especially in nurseries where children sleep or playrooms where babies may spend most of their time. Only use an air purifier with a HEPA air purifier to remove mold spores from the air. Mold spores are destroyed by a HEPA filter because it is a dry, sterile environment. Also a HEPA filter with AeraSafe antimicrobial treatment provides added protection against airborne mold.
  2. Manage humidity in the home with air conditioning. Homes without AC were more likely to contain high humidity levels which fostered the growth of mold.
  3. Look for problem signs of mold throughout the house, such as leaky windows that allow condensation to collect around the frame, which can promote mold growth. An overflowing gutter causes mold to grow on the exterior of the house at first, but eventually enters the home through gaps in soffit and fascia if left untreated.
  4. Conduct a thorough cleanup after any significant water damage including flooded basements or broken pipes. Initial cleanups to remove water may seem adequate, but mold quickly grows without proper sanitation. Hire an expert to test for mold in the home after water damage. No visible signs doesn’t not necessarily mean that mold isn’t present.

Important Air Purifier Certifications

certified air purifier

When selecting an air purifier for your home, make sure they have the certifications for protecting indoor air quality.

When A Laptop is Too Hot To Handle

hot laptops

All laptops get hot while you are working on them. But when is your laptop too hot? Have you been noticing unexpected self shutdowns? This may indicate a bigger problem. Laptops are designed with preventive sensors to stop overheating from causing damage. Frequent shutdowns may indicate technical problems.

Check Your Laptop Fan.

All laptops have a ventilating fan to release the excess heat they produce. Find the fan and place your hand near it. You should feel warm hot coming out. This means your heat management system is working properly. If the air coming out doesn’t seem that warm, this may mean a buildup of dust is limiting the fan’s capacity. If you are okay with opening up your laptop, you can find the fan inside. Blow on it  or use compressed air to get it clean. If you are not comfortable with this maintanence, find a reputable computer repair service to take care of the problem. (Make sure you let them know you think it just needs a thorough cleaning).

A LapDesk Can Help Your Lap Stay Cool & Comfortable.

Because working laptops can still be uncomfortably hot, use lap desks to help manage the heat and keep you comfortable. Portable laptop desks are good for business travelers as they make working in airports and in hotels easier. The GoRiser also has cooling vents to help ventilate the laptop, as well as SoftShock technology which provides a softer cushion for your lap.

Laptop Lap Desk

GoRiser Laptop Lap Desk


Other designs like I Spire Series Laptop Desk are ideal for home users with features like bumpers to keep the laptop securely in place making them more comfortable for those who use laptops while on the couch or in reclining positions.

Comfortable Laptop Lap Desk

I-Spire Laptop Lap Desk

Micro Cut Shredder Recommended by Former Con Man


99ms-microcutshredderFamed former con man Frank Abagnale, as depicted by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film Catch Me If You Can now offers his talents for good, helping others avoid becoming victims of identity theft. Abagnale states that he shreds everything with a micro-cut shredder, “even if it’s worthless.”

Why Micro-Cut Shredders Are Important

  • Micro Cut Shredders take shredding to the next level, basically turning documents to dust with 10x smaller shreds.
  • Smaller shreds also means less frequent emptying of the waste bin. A micro cut shredder bin holds 80% more Micro-Cut particles per gallon than standard Cross-Cut.

Selecting A Micro-Cut Shredder for the Office

The best micro-cut shredder for a small office or home office can shred 14 sheets per pass into 5/64”x 9/16” micro-cut particles (Security Level P-5)

The best micro-cut shredder for larger offices shreds 14 sheets per pass into 5/64” x 15/32” Micro-Cut particles (Security Level P-5) and features continuous duty motor offers non-stop shredding.

Learn more about what Abagnale says about shredders: paper shredding advice from Abagnale

“Every FBI office in the US uses a micro-cut shredder.”