Three Must-Have Father’s Day Gifts for the Home Office

Dad’s day is just around the corner. Give him these gifts to complement his home office with comfort and productivity.


Upgrade Dad’s Shredder

Show how the new auto feed shredders make shredding easier. This is an especially great gift for dads who love new technology. The small office sized auto feeds operate hands free, grinding up 130 sheets of documents at one time, and all automatically. Just fill the drawer, push the button and walk away! The 130C also shreds paper clips, staples and credit cards with ease.


Enhance Dad’s Tablet Performance

The new MobilePro is the perfect gift if Dad is a tablet user. The slim, all-in-one mobile workstation lets Dad take his work anywhere, combining iPad and paper in one luxurious folio.  The Executive MobilePro also comes with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard. Dad will love the ballistic nylon exterior, business card holders,  pen loop, a file folder, a refillable writing pad pocket and the fact that he can use his iPad in-folio, free-standing or hand-held, in vertical or horizontal orientation, and at three viewing angles.


The Gift of Comfort

For long hours working in his office, Dad will love the Heat and Soothe Back Support. This temperature controlled backrest provides warmth or coolness to relax back muscles while delivering continuous lumbar support.


Change the Way You Work at Your Desk and End Back Pain




A little awareness of how you work at your desk and some minor adjustments can end that nagging back pain.

  1. Try to keep your head and neck aligned above your shoulders. This may take some practice, as we commonly hang our head forward to see computer monitors. Known as vulture neck, this can lead to consistent back pain over time.
  2. Don’t reach too far for your mouse. Keep it close to your keyboard. The overreach, combined with insistent clicking of the mouse button, transfers pain from arm, to shoulder, to back.
  3. Use a lumbar back support on your desk chair. That added support prevents chair slump. You can also get supports with cooling and heating features for extra comfort.9190001_Hero_072210.png
  4. Breathe for your back. Try these breathing exercises every now and then while sitting at your desk. Take deep breaths from your stomach muscles, think of sucking your belly button toward your spine. This strengthens core muscles that weaken from excessive sitting.
  5. Make sure you are the right distance from your monitor. Hunching forward is bad, as is reaching for your keyboard from far off. Try to be about 2-3 inches away.
  6. Keep feet planted. Crossing feet at the ankles or resting a foot on a file cabinet will eventually put strain on your back muscles. Keep feet flat on the floor and about shoulder width apart.
  1. Take a break. Just moving around every 15-20 minutes helps circulation.
  1. Don’t cross your legs. This position creates tension in your legs that translates into back pain.
  1. The infamous phone cradle. Don’t cradle your phone on your shoulder. Even though you may do this infrequently, eventually this awkward position strains neck, shoulder and back muscles.

Seven Ways a Laminator Can Help You Organize Your Day

We think of laminators as an office machine or even for making crafts at home. But laminators can also help you get organized. Create some of these organizational tools using free templates and see how an average day gets a little less chaotic.

Need a laminator? Select One Here


Dog Walking Schedule

We love our dogs, but in any household you know the responsibility of taking him out for a walk isn’t always shared equally, especially in the AM. Laminate a dog walking schedule so that everyone takes turns with the task, leaving no excuses when Fido is wagging his tail by the front door.


Meal Planner

Working out of the home and running a household can get hectic. Managing what to cook every night gets easier when you plan ahead. A meal planner also makes grocery shopping very efficient.


To Do List

Your to do list changes everyday, why create piles of paper when you can just dry erase?

to do

Chore Chart

Getting everyone involved in housework encourages responsibility and accountability. A chore chart is an easy way to get the kids engaged with keeping house.

Babysitter Info Sheet

Keep important info for the babysitter on a handy dry erase laminated template. Your evening plans change, simply change the chart.



Home Tags and Labels

Sticker tags peel off over time. Laminated tags attach with a loop like luggage and always tell you what’s inside that big box in the closet without bringing it down.


Grocery List

Are you writing your shopping list on the back of old junk mail? Here is a more organized approach. Pin the dry erase grocery list to the fridge and fill it up over the week. When you go shopping, take it with you. Dry erase when all the groceries are put away!


Three Must Have Comfort Products for Your Home Office for the New Year

If you are thinking about upgrading your home office, here are some products to help improve comfort, productivity and just make your workspace a nicer place to be.

home office products

Adding personal comfort touches

Yes, we can work in our pajamas, but no we shouldn’t slouch. Often the home office space leads to poor posture and all the discomforts we would normally associate with working at the corporate office. Here are some personal comfort touches that can help keep you happy at your home workstation.

Attach a back support to your desk chair. More than just a cushion for your lower back, back rests can encourage correct posture so you can sit properly and won’t feel that sudden tinge of pain when you get up from your desk. You can also find some back rests with heating and cooling properties.

back rest that cools and heats

Back rest that cools and warms while you sit.

Use a foot rest to help with overall comfort. We may be bending or placing or feet in uncomfortable positions as we work, unconsciously of course, which can lead to leg and ankle pain later on. A foot rest ensures the correct positioning of your feet while you are at your home office workstation. Some foot rests rock to circulate blood flow. Also you can choose foot rests with heating and cooling features, especially useful for home office spaces with wild temperature swings throughout the year.


foot rest

Climate Control Foot Rest Review: “I always have cold feet, it’s so bad sometimes that I have to sit on my feet to warm them up. But then I get leg cramps. This foot rest keeps my feet and calves nice and toasty warm!!!”


Keeping it Plush

We may not realize that the pain we feel in our elbow is directly related to our mouse usage. Replacing your standard mouse pad with a mouse pad with wrist support can help reduce the stress and the pain for every day mousing.

Using an innovative FoamFusion Technology, the Plush Touch Wrist Support delivers superior comfort and softness while relieving wrist pressure.

mouse paid, mouse pad with wrist support, mousing

Plush Touch with Foam Fusion

The Plush Touch design is also available for keyboards, offering the same softness and comfort to prevent wrist pains caused by continuous typing.

A great feature for both the Plush Touch pad for mouse and keyboard is the Microban protection that helps keep the surface cleaner. The Plush Touch pad is also laser mouse friendly.

Five Signs It’s Time for a New Paper Shredder

You’ve been putting off that paper shredder purchase for a while now, even though the one you have might be jamming, noisy, or filling up just too fast. Here are some options to consider when making a personal shredder upgrade.

different paper shredders

  1. Current Paper Shredder Needs to Cool Down Too Often

When you’re shredding and you see that red light, you know your paper shredder needs a break. You may need to wait awhile until the machine cools down and is ready to shred again. If you’re using an office shredder, this can take a lot of time out of your work day.

Select a paper shredder with longer run time. Here is one office shredder that will let you shred for up to 30 minutes.

  1. Current Paper Shredder Fills Up Too Quickly

When you first bought it, the paper shredder bin capacity was probably okay for your needs. Now you may notice that you are shredding more and more often. It seems like you do nothing but empty that bin. It may be time to get a paper shredder with larger bin capacity, just more room for more shreds.

  1. Current Paper Shredder Jams

You may put up with paper jams, for awhile. Eventually tearing half-shredded sheets out of the cutters tries your patience. Select a personal shredder with 100% Jam Proof technology and say goodbye to paper jams.

  1. Current Paper Shredder is Just Too Loud

If you shred a little, a noisy shredder is a nuisance. If you shred a lot, then it becomes an aggravation. End that endless whirring and grinding that drives everybody at home or in the office crazy. Get an office shredder or a personal shredder with quiet performance features like SilentShred.

  1. Shredding Takes You Away from Other Work

Disposing of large quantities of documents, especially during tax season, can mean endless time standing in front of the office shredder. However, new automatic shredders are available that allow you to simply fill the bin, push a button and walk away. The new AutoMax shredders perform this task, shredding crumpled paper, stapled paper and paper clipped paper just as easily.  The new AutoMax shredders come in large office shredders versions and small office shredder sizes to meet different shredding demands.

Tax Time Shredding at Home

paper shredder for tax documents

The hardest decision for many taxpayers organizing their records during tax season is determining what to shred. Here are some general guidelines to prevent your tax records storage from becoming a paper pile.

Bank Statements

Shred bank statements should for one year, unless you think  you may be applying for Medicaid. Many states require that you show five year’s worth of bank statements for Medicaid application. Check with your state Medicaid guidelines for keeping bank statements.

Credit Card Bills

Use your paper shredder to destroy credit card bills, unless you are using them to verify a purchase that is relevant to a deduction.

Old Tax Returns

Despite being able to amend your tax returns going back three years, the IRS has seven years to audit your returns if the agency suspects you made a mistake, and up to six years if you likely underreported your gross income by 25 percent or more. As a result, you need to hold on to your returns and all supporting documents for seven years. After that period, older returns can be safely destroyed using a home paper shredder.

Some tips for finding a personal shredder for tax time.

  1. For purging lots of old tax records you may want a shredder with longer run time, so you don’t need to wait for the shredder to cool down.
  2. Frequent shredding can mean more paper jams. Find a personal shredder with anti-jam technology to avoid the frustration.
  3. A shredder at home also raises the risk of injury, especially during tax time when the paper shredder is in frequent use. Make sure you find a home paper shredder with safety features to protect kids in the house for accidents.

Retirement Account Statements

Keep notices of any portfolio changes you make intra-month (or intra-quarter for some plans) until the subsequent statement arrives to confirm those changes. After making sure the statement is correct, you can shred away. One note: keep evidence of IRA contributions until you withdraw the money.

Financial Investment Statements

Brokerage and mutual fund account monthly statements/periodic trade confirmations (taxable accounts): Retain confirmations until the transaction is detailed in your monthly report. For tax purposes, flag a month where a transaction occurs, because you may need to access this information in the future. Otherwise, shred monthly statements as new ones arrive, but keep annual statements until the sale of each asset within the account occurs and for 7 years thereafter, in case you get audited.

Pay Stubs

Keep for one year and be sure to match them to your W2 form, before you shred.

Medical Records

Given how hard it is to deal with health insurance companies, you should keep medical records for at least a year, though some suggest keeping records for five years from the time treatment for the symptoms ended. Retain information about prescription information, specific medical histories, health insurance information and contact information for your physician.

Utility and Phone Bills

Shred them after you’ve paid them, unless they contain tax-deductible expenses.


Fellowes brings new products to CES International in January

The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show®) is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Fellowes will be introducing several new innovations for 2015 at the show Jan 6, 2015 – Jan 9, 2015 Booth/Stand: 31121 South Hall

What to look for at the Fellowes booth:

AutoMax Shredders

Experience first hand the first walk away shredder with new small business models now available such as 130C and 200C

130C Auto Feed Shredder

130C Auto Feed Shredder








New Developments in Laminating Technology

The new Venus 2 and Jupiter 2 are just a few examples of the new laminating line that feature InstaHeat Technology for faster laminator warm up, and AutoSense which automatically senses and instantly adjusts for any pouch used so that laminating various pouch and document thicknesses can be performed quickly and easily without any manual adjustments.

Jupiter 2 Laminator with InstaHeat and AutoSense

Jupiter 2 Laminator with InstaHeat and AutoSense









Expanded I-Spire Line

The successful I-Spire Series of Home Offices Accessories is now expanded to include new mobile technology products such as the SuctionStand Tablet Lift and Laptop LapDesk.

SuctionStand for Tablets

SuctionStand for Tablets







See the Complete Press Kit

Upgrades for Dad’s Home Office

Great Home Office Gifts for Dad

Need a last minute gift for Father’s Day? Here are some great practical gifts for the home office that Dad will value long term.


Shredders help get rid of unneeded paperwork and help prevent identity theft. Get a small office/home office model that can fit right under Dad’s desk. See all the home office shredder options:  Home Office Shredders.

Learn more about selecting the best shredder for Dad: Selecting a Shredder.







Binding Machines

With binding machines, Dad can create custom-made photo albums, his personalized Dad’s Awesome Grill Recipe Book, or bind those memoirs he has been working on. Find the perfect binding machine.







Learn more about Fellowes products. 

What Makes a Great Home Office Shredder?


Unlike shredders at work, a shredder for the home office needs to take into consideration aspects of your home you just wouldn’t find at work, like kids and pets, for example. We may not think of our home office as a dangerous place for our kids or pets, but when you think about it, a shredder is at their level, making it very easy for small hands to reach inside.  You may say that you always make sure you unplug it when you are not around, but it only takes that one time you forgot to lead to a serious injury.

Shredder cutters are designed to do damage, even to the hand of a curious child or pet. Make sure you have a home office shredder equipped with important safety features. SafeSense technology for example automatically stops the shredder when hands (or paws) touch the shredder opening. This means you don’t have to unplug your shredder every time you leave. You can even let them into your home office without fear. Summer is here, which means the kids will be home from school and bored and probably hanging around your home office while you work. Make it a safe summer with a safe shredder.

Home Office Makeovers Made Easy

Is it Time for a Home Office Makeover?


Working at home can lead to the dilemma of “getting used” to your surroundings. You may not realize how issues of comfort , lighting, noise and organization are affecting your performance.  Much like reading in dim light, you don’t realize how much easier it is to read the page until someone flings back the curtains.


Making your home office comfortable may seem like a no-brainer, but we are far too likely to compromise and adapt to uncomfortable chairs and awkward work spaces.  Make sure your chair fits you and not the other way around, and  take the time to notice if back pain or leg pain are becoming too common. Choosing the proper foot and back support for home office work stations can help. If you work at a laptop, setting it at the proper angle can prevent strain in wrists and hands. Even excessive use of your tablet can cause strain on your wrists. Use wrist and keyboard supports if you are working long term at the computer.   Use document holders so you are  not peering down at papers on your desk while typing.


Poor lighting can cause you adapt by squinting. Lots of sunshine may seem like a good thing, except that it may be causing screen glare on your computer without you realizing it. Make sure  you have adequate lighting for both day and night work.  Also, be aware of your environment throughout the day  to see if the change in natural light is not going from gorgeous to glaring.

Noise Issues

Keeping a quiet work area can be difficult at home, especially with kids home for summer.  Making quiet time rules during your work hours helps you not only get work done in peace but also helps structure your time with the kids.


Staying organized can sometimes be harder at home where expectations of organization are not as strict as in an office setting. Ensure your files and desktop don’t degrade into clutter. Take time at the end of each work day to evaluate your clutter ratio and fix it then and there before it gets worse.

Breathing Room

Comfort sometimes can be invisible. Like the air in your home office. Make sure you are not situated under a vent circulating dusty air in an enclosed space.  This is especially important if you suffer from allergies. Change your air filters and use air purifiers if necessary so you are not contributing to a sick office at home.