New Fellowes Brands® Patent Takes Automatic Shredding to the Next Level

Fellowes Brands®  has been granted a patent protecting its unique auto feed shredder technology which improves the automatic paper delivery process for hands-free shredding. The innovation covered by the patent allows for smoother, faster, more reliable processing of paper toward the cutters. This adds to the expansive Fellowes patent portfolio, including more than 50 shredder utility and design issued patents and numerous patent applications.

As a leader and innovator in the shredder category, The Fellowes AutoMax™ line has already been highly successful with the business sector, companies both large and small, who have learned that the automated shredding capabilities of AutoMax are more efficient and contribute to greater productivity in their workplace. One law office user commented: “Very quiet and efficient. Not to mention that it shreds everything with a touch of a button. We had used several other shredders at the office and this one is bar none the best at the price point and for its ease of use. “Others have emphasized the “handsfree” performance.” I had so much shredding it seemed liked a nightmare, standing and feeding a shredder. Now I fill the bin and walk away.” The introduction of this advanced technology will continue to broaden a customer base seeking progressive time-saving approaches to shredding. The new patented circular disk technology is available on the small office/home office auto feed shredders, the AutoMax 130C, 150C and 200C.

Why Businesses Are Upgrading to Automatic Shredders

With government regulations demanding compliance with identity protection guidelines and an increase in high volume shredding, companies are seeking new ways to improve productivity of the shredding process with automatic paper shredders.


Many businesses choose off-site shredding companies as a convenient solution. However with this hands-off service, comes a few drawbacks including high prices and a risk of exposing confidential information to an external vendor.

Many businesses instead are using automatic on-site shredding. The single cost purchase of an automatic high volume shredder provides long-term shredding without the hefty service fees of shredding services. And an on-site commercial shredder keeps all confidential information in the office.


Most importantly, auto feed paper shredders also provide a hands-free experience. Users simply load the bin, push the button and walk away. From a productivity standpoint, this means employees spend less time shredding and more time on other more important tasks. Another important feature are safety locks, which prevents the shredder from being opened after it begins the shredding process, so confidential documents remain safe until completely destroyed.

Automatic shredding also allows the shredding process to occur in a timely manner, eliminating the risky build-up of confidential documents waiting to be destroyed, making confidential shredding an important perk of automatic machines.

The value of automatic shredding spans across many industries that handle sensitive materials.


Medical clinics and hospitals can quickly destroy reams of sensitive patient information as medical records clerks purge old files in less time.


Law clerks find automatic shredding useful for past client records or destroying the duplicate paperwork of a long case.


Accountants use automatic shredding to maintain a consistent storage and destruction cycle for business records. Large quantities of sensitive documents  are usually in immediate need of shredding, and the process can take accounting clerks weeks to properly dispatch such paperwork.

Real Estate and Mortgage

Credit apps from home buyers quickly pile up on a realtor’s desk, unfortunately a desk often left unattended while showing homes. Automatic shredding saves real estate companies time by allowing these documents, which often contain social security numbers, bank account numbers and driver’s license information, to be quickly shredded without delay.