A Homeschooling Tool for Personalized Teaching

homeschool laminating

In his 2015 book “Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education,” veteran teacher Ken Robinson emphasizes that students learn best at their preferred speeds and in their preferred manner. Engaging them as individuals is the heart of raising achievement.”

The personalization of education is limited in the classroom setting, yet in homeschool scenarios it allows learning to thrive.

According to a 2009 study of standardized testing, homeschoolers scored in the 86th percentile, regardless of  parents’ income, amount of education, teaching credentials, and level of state regulation. Research also suggests that homeschooled kids get into college more often and do better at the university level.

Tools for Home School Personalized Teaching

Laminating Customized Flashcards

Flashcards of been a standard for teaching for many years. They engage active recall and help students self-evaluate personal progress.  On the subject of languages, 93% of teachers say that flashcards help students learn more effectively.  Yet due to costs and limited classroom budgets, flashcards provided for schools tend toward more generic subjects and the most common lesson plans.  Offering customized flash cards in a homeschool setting, allows the teacher to “learn” what engages the student most in different subjects  and create customized flashcards that fit the student’s learning path. For example, creating alphabet printables that incorporate a child’s love of animals makes the lesson more accessible. Similar free printables can be found online or created for math, science and other subjects.

Personalizing Worksheets

A creative homeschool teacher can also craft an assignment that fits a student’s daily experiences with personalized worksheets. For example, play time, crafts and other school activities can become a lesson in telling time. Laminate this telling time printable (which is dry erase, so it can be reused every day) so that activities help a student learn scheduling and  time.

By laminating the personal projects you create for your student, you provide durable learning tools that align with the student’s aspirations and interests and make learning more than just fun–they make it personal!

Select one of these personal laminators  for your homeschool teaching tools.

Top 5 Halloween Party Printables You Can Make with a Laminator

Make your Halloween party fun and creative for the kids. Print these free templates and laminate to decorate your Halloween party room and have exciting Halloween-themed games ready to play. When selecting a crafting laminator, choose one with easy to use features and heat protection to keep laminating safe for the kids. Also, make sure you have enough laminating pouches for your Halloween party.

Decorate with Halloween Placemats

Set up the party room table with these spooky placemats. The perfect way to keep messes under control while keeping a seasonal Halloween flavor to your décor.

Halloween Placemats

Print and laminate the Placemat Template

Keep the Fun Going with Halloween Games

Use Halloween bingo to ramp up the fun. Hand out prizes and keep the kids engaged with this easy to make party game. For younger kids, use Halloween tic tac toe so there is fun activities for every age.

Halloween Bingo.png    Halloween Tic Tac Toe

Print and laminate the Bingo Game Template

Print and laminate the Tic Tac Toe Template

Plan a Party Craft Project

After bingo, get the kids involved in a fun take home craft project. Use the Dry Erase Pumpkin Craft to let kids express their creativity with different jack o lantern designs that they can easily erase, then try a completely new drawing! Also consider a drawing contest for best jack o lantern design and give out a fun Halloween prize.

Dry Erase Pumpkin Craft

Print and laminate the Dry Erase Pumpkin Craft Project

Make Treat Bags for Your Guests

End the party  by handing out fun homemade  treat bags full of Halloween candy and party favors. Also consider gift bags for the parents. Toss in some gourmet cheese, crackers and other favorites that moms and dads will love.

Halloween treat vbag

Print and laminate the Halloween Treat Bag Template

For more Halloween laminating projects, visit the Fellowes Idea Center for lots more free printable templates that make Halloween fun.